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This note taking application was created by Shane Tomlinson as a demo for AFrameJS. In browsers that support HTML5's WebSQL or localStorage, any notes created are stored in the browser's persistent storage, no data is ever sent to the server. Right now, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox support this on the desktop, as well as the iPhone and Android default browsers. No data is ever sent to the server. Unfortunately, IE is seriously broken at this time.

AFrameJS is a Javascript MVC library aimed at making the development of apps like this far easier and cleaner than in the past. AFrameJS gives the developer clean separation of models, views, and controllers as has been done for years in more traditional languages.

This demo makes use of jQuery 1.5 as well as jQuery Mobile 1.0 Alpha 3.

Source code for this demo is on GitHub. Code for AFrameJS can also be found at GitHub.


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